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Unfinished business

Today is a day of unfinished business.

My alarm interrupted my dream and I never found out if Chance made it to the top of the maintenance building without getting caught by security guards. I started writing two different articles before deciding to edit More Than a Sport, and in the middle of editing I started thinking about some other story ideas I want to write. And all of that led me to write about not finishing things. So hopefully I can actually finish this.

I’m like my dog, Chloe: adorable, funny, and easily distracted. I took her on a walk this morning and instead of going potty like she was supposed to, she sniffed every stump, rock, leaf, and blade of grass along our route. After our walk I tried reading a book and ended up cleaning my belly button. We’re really just two peas in a pod.

I don’t know how I ever get anything done because I’m constantly thinking of something else that’s more exciting or more important. Chance actually called me out on this the other day. He told me one of the ways I bother him is that I always talk about the stuff I want to do but I never actually do them.

First of all, ouch. I wanted so badly to remind him of all of the things I have in fact accomplished, but once I swallowed my pride long enough to actually understand what he was saying, I knew he was right.

I wonder if God also ever gets frustrated by my incredible ability to get distracted. I wouldn’t blame Him if He did, but I would also remind Him that He made me so it’s kinda His fault.

I think one of the most important verses in the Bible is when Jesus said, “It is finished.” Matthew and Mark must not have been close enough to hear Jesus when He said this because they just wrote that He let out one last cry. But John tells us that right before His spirit left His body, Jesus cried out, “It is finished.”

I’m glad Jesus finished what He set out to do. Could you imagine if He didn’t? What would our world look like? What would my life be like? I know I’d feel pretty hopeless and I’m not so sure what my purpose would even be. I definitely wouldn’t be writing this.

What if I never finish what I’ve set out to do? Some 2000 years later Jesus’ last words are still impacting millions and millions of lives. I hope my words will still have an impact after I’m gone, but they certainly won’t if I never do anything with them.

And what if you never finish what you’ve set out to do? God knew what He was doing when He placed Jesus on this Earth, and He knew what He was doing when He put you here, too.

It doesn’t matter if it’s been decades since you started whatever it was you once felt so passionately about. Get it back out and get back to work! It doesn’t matter if it takes you another decade to finish it, just do it because you don’t know what it could lead to. Just finish step one and let that momentum carry you to step two and three and so on. You don't know who it could impact right now or years after you’re gone.


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