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The journey

Blog beginnings:

Journey (n): A process or course likened to traveling, such as a series of trying experiences, a passage.

We are all on this crazy journey called life. It is a journey filled with cold and snowy mountains, roaring and rushing rivers, deep and empty valleys and a crazy and confusing wilderness. There are fun and exciting times, scary and dreadful times and everything else in between. Fortunately, we are not journeying alone.

I’ve read a lot of books; some good, some sad, some happy, some bad, some inspirational and others are just plain pointless. Recently, I read a book called Just Do Something. It was an inspiring kind of book and it made me realize: I need to do something. Weird, right?

You see, our journeys will not last forever. They will come to an end and when that happens, we will not be able to change anything, we will not be able to accomplish anything else and we will not be able to move any further; we will be done. I understood this, but after reading that book, my perspective of my own journey changed. I realized that I am journeying at this very moment. As I write this, time is passing by and I am getting closer to the end of my journey. I really do not want to get to the end of my journey and have to think, “Gee, I wish I would've accomplished more.” I want my journey to be packed with changed lives and positive accomplishments.

That is something I've wanted since I was like five years old. But up until now, I've been waiting until I was a “grown up.” I thought once I graduated high school, I would be out in the real world, doing real stuff. However, if the “real world” is where all the “real stuff” is happening, what do I call this part of my life? The dream world?

No, this is not the dream world. I am currently a part of the real world. I was born into the real world, where I have been doing real things for the past sixteen years; and I will continue to be a part of the real world until the day I die.

With each passing moment, my journey is getting shorter. Hence, I have no time to waste. I can't wait until I graduate to do something. I cannot wait until I feel like I know everything. I cannot wait until I feel 100% confident in whatever it is I feel like I need to do. I need to simply do something- anything -right now, wherever I may be in life.

The biggest thing I learned from that book was that I can't wait until God reveals his almighty plan to me. God’s plan is often my excuse for notdoing things. “Well, if I do this, I might screw things up for God’s future plans for my life.” However, that is not the case. God can use me wherever I am, whatever I am doing, and whenever I am doing it. He’s a pretty creative guy; I think he’ll manage to come up with something, no matter what I happen to be doing with my life at the time.

So, I have decided to do something: Create a blog. I figured, why not? I like writing, I'm not terrible at it and I feel like I have some pretty cool things to write about. On my “Lessons Along The Journey” blog, I will be writing about the things God has taught me along my journey so far. He has taught me quite a bit in a short time, and I think some of the things I've learned might be some things that could help you. You'll get to learn from my mistakes, without having to make the same mistakes on your own. You'll hopefully be inspired every once in a while too.

With that being said, please, join me on this wonderful journey we call life.


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