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Noticing God

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

The other night Chance and I were working on my dreaded economics class. We’re passing still, so that’s a good sign. We just need to hang to this 73% on for two more weeks in order for the credit to transfer. I’m not confident, but I’m hopeful.

While we were working on one problem I said to Chance, “I’m gonna google this in the book real quick.” He just looked at me like really?

Yes, I realize what I just said,” I answered before he could say anything.

Google has become a verb synonymous with “to look up” whether you’re literally using the Google search engine or using a textbook, apparently. I’ve involuntarily adopted this word into my vocabulary because Google has become such a prevalent part of our culture and my life. Anytime I see an ad for something I had just talked about I think Google must be watching. I’m aware of it tracking everything I look up on the internet. I even worry about it watching through my laptop camera.

I am aware of Google and I think about it and what it’s doing often, which is funny because this morning I wrote in my prayer journal:

You are good. You are there and you’re always moving and doing even when I can’t tell exactly what it is. It’s kind of a shame that the work you do is one of those things I can’t see along the way. It’s only when the thing is done and I look back that I can see what you did. But at least when I do look back I notice things that I can carry with me into the future to remind me of your faithfulness and give me a hope until you finish your next project.

Why am I spending more time watching out for what Google than what God is doing? Maybe if I looked out for God more than this creepy tech giant I would actually see God’s work in the middle of its being done! I like to think it would be more fun to see God in action rather than the next creepy Google ad for the slippers that I just talked about with my dad. So how do I begin to do this?

1. I think it’s important to start each day with the Lord. Invite Him to join you on today’s adventure. He’ll join you whether you ask or don’t, but if you are the one inviting Him, you’ll be the one to look out for Him. It’s kinda like sending out invitations to a party and waiting to find out if the people you invited are going to show up. You spend the night anticipating their arrivals and because you hope they come, you’ll notice when they do.

2. And maybe we should slow down a bit. Just today as I finished my run I stopped to walk and talk with this one lady who turned out to be super nice and she had a great story that encouraged me. I had a to do list waiting for me at home, but those things will still get done. This particular opportunity to make a new friend, however, only came once. God is the one giving us time and things will work according to His plans, so take the time He’s giving you.

3. We should probably also keep track of the things that God has done for us already. In high school I had a “God is faithful” list. I would write down answers to prayers or other cool things that God was doing and sign the date next to it. Two things happened because of this. One, I became more excited to see what God would do next so I’d keep an eye out for the next thing I could write on my list. And two, when tough stuff came up, I could look back on that list and remember that God really is faithful, and He really is busy doing awesome things in my life. I just have to be patient with a watchful eye.

I’m sure there are more ways to start ignoring Google and paying attention to God, but I think three is a good number to stop at for now. I don’t want to overwhelm you, and I’m also kind of out of ideas…but hey, there’s a start! Happy noticing!


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