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A lesson in noticing

You know how when you first start to like someone, you get excited and nervous every time you see them unexpectedly?

I remember in high school purposely taking different routes to class or trying to perfect my timing so I’d “accidentally” run into Chance, and every time I did, I’d get so excited yet so nervous.

Did he see me? Was he happy to see me too? Did he think I looked cute today?

Six years later and I still get excited when I see him out and about randomly throughout my day.

The one day I was running down the road and he drove by and it made me happy yet self-conscious…Did I look fast and athletic or did I appear to be dying? I hoped he thought I look good and was proud of my efforts.

Lately I’ve been driving certain routes hoping to pass him on the road while he’s hauling sugar beets. I’m on high alert, looking out for the blue truck he drives.

Now, I really don’t know much about trucks, I mostly just know them by their color. But I’ve learned there are a lot of other blue trucks on the road, so I’ve had to look at some other details, like its shape or the grille or its stacks. I’ve noticed it even sounds different.

As I drove home yesterday, looking out for Chance, I thought, ‘Wow, I wonder how much more I would notice God if I lived on the lookout for Him throughout my day?’

I would notice Him by the kind gestures and genuine smiles of strangers, by the beautifully changing colors and the freshly harvested fields. I think I’d even notice Him in the hard and painful things because that’s where His grace and strength appears so abundantly.

And I think the more I noticed Him, the more I’d learn about Him and the more excited I would be to encounter Him. I’d notice where He’s at and how He’s working. I’d feel His presence and not be so alone. I’d be more in awe of His creation and more eager to serve Him and His people.

Seeing Chance can make an ordinary drive home a little more exciting, and even more, seeing God makes our ordinary lives extraordinarily meaningful.

Our God is real and working in our lives in so many different ways, it’s up to us to notice.

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