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A lesson in finding peace at a picnic table

Tonight I drove to our team Bible study without spilling the pitcher of lemonade or the bowl of popcorn. And I was only five minutes late.

That was the most put together and organized I’ve felt since arriving on campus almost a month ago.

I thought I’d float into my senior year with ease.

Instead, I finally got around to buying a planner on Wednesday after scheduling two things at the same time and forgetting to do like eight other things earlier in the week.

I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. It seems like everyone I talk to is having a really hard time adjusting this semester. I guess when you take six months off of school, you kinda forget how it’s done.

Beyond just this school stuff though, I feel like so many of us are really struggling with finding some kind of peace. There’s just so, so much uncertainty.

At Bible study we talked about prayer and how sometimes it feels like God’s so distant.

In an unorganized fashion, we just shared different thoughts and experiences, trying to find answers.

When I think about that hour we shared at the picnic table, I realize how much that time represented where we’re all at.

As we fumbled over our words, trying to make sense of our feelings, we all understood what each other was going through and trying to figure out. And the only solution we could come up with was to support each other and pray together.

I left feeling encouraged. I didn’t need to know what I needed or what was wrong, I have friends and a God who will listen and try to understand me. They will also support and love me through it all.

While we might not be able to express exactly what it is we’re struggling with, and while we can’t immediately find all the answers to our problems, we can turn to each other and we can pray.

And that’s what we did. We just broke up into groups and prayed over each other. It was so comforting.

We also ate a lot of popcorn.

Prayer and popcorn can do the heart a lot of good.

So as you start your week, I just want to remind you that it’s okay if you’re not okay. Reach out to a friend if you need some prayer. Go buy a planner. Eat some popcorn. Read your Bible. Rest at His feet.

God will meet you wherever you’re at.


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