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A lesson from the carrots

I finally have some carrots!!

We planted the seeds back in May and I couldn’t wait for them to start sprouting. A week later, I saw these little green shoots relatively near the row where we planted the seeds, so I thought for sure these were my baby carrots sprouts.

I let them grow for a while. They got bigger and really looked like what I imagined carrots to be, until my dad came down to the garden and informed me that these were in fact weeds.

Apparently there’s a weed that looks just like a carrot, which I think is super dumb.

Despite my dad’s expertise, I let the weeds grow a bit longer, juussttt in case they really were carrots. You never know.

Eventually the real carrots did start coming through and once their tops started to fluff up, I realized that my dad was right and I should probably pull the weeds.

I thought about these weeds as I plucked them and how well this story illustrates the lies I believe in my own life.

I hear things like “You’re not good enough” or “You’re too young” or “You can’t do that” and I let those words stick around for far too long, and eventually I start to believe them, just like how I was quickly convinced my weeds were carrots.

I hear those words and I initially know not to believe them, but there’s always that questions of, “Well maybe they’re right. Maybe I shouldn’t try, jusstttt in case.” And that’s how they get the chance to spread their roots and take over.

I imagine I’m not the only one this happens to. Lies always seem to find a way to attach themselves to some tiny bit of truth so that we let them stay and grow. They blend in, well-disguised, so we feed off of these imposters rather than the real carrots that will sustain us.

When you’re told you’re not good enough or you’re too young, don’t let those words linger too long. Read God’s word and hear His truth so you can distinguish it from the lies. Pluck them before they grow roots and take over your garden. Don’t let yourself mistake the weeds for carrots.

And just in case you were wondering, yes there were the most delicious, carroty-flavored carrots I’ve ever eaten.


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