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A lesson from Instagram

“Ooo we should take our picture in front of this door! It’s a great color!”

I then proceeded to stand confidently in front of this wonderful door and then I looked over...

Just when you think you’ve got the perfect Instagram shot, your hair gets caught on a hook and reality hits: you just weren’t made to be an Instagram model.

But in all seriousness, sometimes reality hits a lot harder than this silly example.

Extra free time last month led to extra screen time for me and I’ve discovered several things I don’t like about myself because others seem to do it better. One of those things happens to be my VMO.

Don’t ask what that is or what it stands for, it’s just what my mom told my the bulge around my knee is called after I asked her if there was a way I could make it skinnier.

She said no, it’s genetic, and I get it from her. I kinda felt bad after that. I was complaining about something she technically gave me. She told me it’s great to have though as far as knee injury prevention goes, and I’ve never really had knee issues, so I guess it does serve a good purpose.

How many times do we complain about the gifts God has given us simply because they don’t match what we see in others? I’m sure it makes him sad just like it probably made my mom a little sad to hear me unhappy with something so simple.

Our lives are a gift and each part of them serves a purpose.


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