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A lesson from Easter

I was talking with one of my friends last Wednesday and I asked what her family’s plans were for Easter, forgetting that nobody can really have many plans at all these days.

“We’ll just watch our church online,” she said. “It’s kind of weird.”

“I know. I think that’s what we’ll do too. Are you guys going to get dressed up?”

“Yeah, I’m excited for that,” she replied. “I haven’t even worn jeans since all of this started. It’ll be fun to get dressed up and do my hair.”

I thought our family was going to get dressed up too, but there’s something about teenage boys that makes it incredibly challenging to persuade them to get out of their basketball shorts and sweatshirts if they’re not leaving the house.

I still wore my dress though. And as I was getting ready on Sunday morning, I thought about how kind of strange it felt to be getting ready for something.

While I’m sure there are many of you still heading to your workplaces, I think there’s probably more of us staying put in our pajamas. And without any plans, we’re all kind of in this weird limbo where we don’t really have a lot to do or a lot of motivation to do the things we should do.

It’s like we don’t really have a purpose.

But on Sunday, we found one. The resurrection of Jesus gave us a reason to get up, get dressed, and gather, even if it was just for an hour in our living rooms. And I thought how perfect is that, in the middle of all of this chaos when we’re all just going day by day, a little confused, uncertain, and worried, that Jesus gave us something to do. Something to look forward to. To be excited about.

Yesterday reminded us all of our reasons. We have a reason to live, a reason to hope, and a reason to look forward to what is yet to come because the God who created us hasn’t left us. What was done on the cross two thousand years ago still means something today. It means a great deal, actually. And we can’t forget that, especially not right now.


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