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A lesson from a Sunday morning

Pastor Dan had a great message on Sunday about how God has given us each certain gifts and expects us to go do something with those gifts for His glory. At the end, he challenged us with the question, “What are you choosing to do with what God has given you?”

That question in itself tells me a few things:

  • We have the choice to do something.

  • We have the tools we need to do that thing.

  • We have purpose for which we ought to use those tools.

We watched church from home that Sunday. Now, I don’t think there’s a replacement for gathering together in the church building as a group of believers. There’s something wonderful and empowering and encouraging about being together. I almost cried the first time we got to go back. But there is one thing about being in the building…and that’s the drive home.

For us, church is like a half hour away. And not only is there that 30-minute drive, but there’s also the time spent at Tim Horton’s for a snack and the trip to Meijer for groceries and maybe a quick run into Target because, well, who doesn’t love Target?

All that time adds up and I know for me, during that time I often forget the inspiration I just felt to go do the thing God was just calling me to do. But you don’t have to live a half hour from your church for this to happen to you either.

Sometimes it can take as long as the walk to the parking lot to forget the things that God was just saying.

That’s happened to me before too.

As I listened to Pastor Dan’s message, I was getting all excited and thinking about my books and all the things I want to do with that and the gifts God has given me, and then I thought to myself, “Are you actually going to go do what you’re being called to do right now?”

Fortunately, the commute from my living room to the laptop in my bedroom is quite short, offering the least possible distraction time. As soon as we were dismissed I was on my way to do the thing God was just telling me, and that is to write this post.

I’m not always going to watch church from home and I’m not always going to get right to work. As ideal as that might be, it’s not the best and I don’t think that’s what God would want either.

I do, however, believe we can pray that God wouldn’t let the impression He was just making on our hearts fade away. We can pray that He will hold us accountable to do the thing He was just asking of us. We can pray for the courage, boldness, and opportunities.

If you felt inspired during church on Sunday morning and forgot all about it by Sunday afternoon, let this be your reminder and encouragement to get to work. God’s already equipped us, He’s working on inspiring us, and it’s up to us to make the choice and do the work.


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