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8 reasons why you should journal

I’ve kept a journal ever since I was five years old. I only drew scribbles on those early pages, but now I have dozens of journals filled with good stories and important lessons. Here’s why I think journaling is important:

  1. It’ll help you process your thoughts. I get so distracted when I try to figure things out in my head. Journaling helps me write out my feelings and make sense of the things going on in my life.

  2. It’s fun to look back on the things you’ve written. There are so many funny stories I have in writing that I love to read.

  3. It can be encouraging to look back and see how far you’ve come, and sometimes the lessons you learned and wrote about back then will help you in your current circumstances too.

  4. It shows you how God’s been working in your life. There were things I didn’t understand years ago but now I see the bigger picture and what God was doing behind the scenes.

  5. It holds you accountable. I like to journal about my goals and when I see them in writing it makes them more official and encourages me to chase them more persistently.

  6. It can keep you healthy. It’s amazing how the way you eat and drink changes when you know you’re going to have to write it down in a journal later. I know I make better choices when I do this.

  7. It helps you commit. I’ve consistently kept a prayer journal for the last three years and it helps me stay committed to spending time with God each morning.

  8. It’s fun. There are so many cute and creative ways you can journal now days. It doesn’t just have to be words on lined paper. I don’t think there’s any rules to bullet journaling, so there are endless ways to get creative with that.


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