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6 health-related areas everyone should track

Whether it's in your journal or on your phone, here are six things to keep track of:

  1. Sleep — not just the number of hours, but quality too.

  2. Nutrition — whether you just write down the foods or count the calories, it’s good to keep track of what you’re putting in your body and how it makes you feel.

  3. Hydration — our bodies are made mostly of water, so we need to drink a lot of it, and keeping track of that will help you.

  4. Physical Activity — walking, exercises classes, or yard work, whatever it is, as long as you’re moving your body, write it down.

  5. Mental & emotional wellbeing — writing down your feelings is one example of healthy way to deal with them. Sometimes we’ve just got to let it all out

  6. Gratitude — gratitude can change your attitude and help you be more content for a more joy-filled life. start paying attention to the little things and you might realize you have all you need.


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