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More Than a Sport


Listen up! It's time for a pep talk.

Since 1972, the participation in high school athletics has more than doubled. As of the 2016-17 school year, 7.9 million high school students competed in one sport or another. That's almost eight million kids! Those eight million kids make up nearly half of all high school students, whether it's a public or private school. 

High school sports are influencing nearly half of our students. I would say that's a pretty big deal. With that being said, I think we need to start asking some questions: 

Why are these kids playing? For fun? friendships? championships?

Who are they becoming in the process? Are they champions? leaders?

What are they doing to achieve their goals? Do they train hard? smart?

Who are they going to be surrounded by? Great coaches? influential teammates? 

Where are they going next? Will they compete at the next level? Will the lessons they learn carry into their future careers, families, and lifestyles? 

This 31-day devotional tackles some of those questions and will challenge student-athletes to think bigger. Sports are more than just training and trophies, they're powerful tools that shape who we are.


I was a three-sport high school athlete and won any titles in cross country, basketball, and track. I suppose this book was unintentionally written over the course of my athletic career. I journaled all throughout high school the lessons I learned, the questions I had, and the experiences that challenged me. After looking back on that journal, I knew there was something more. I know I competed for more than just the joy of my sport. With each practice, race, and game, God was teaching me something new. 

These lessons have shaped who I am as a whole person, not just an athlete. High school athletes know you have to be both a student and an athlete, but those aren't the only roles you play.

Your purpose is bigger. You were made for more. You are not just a student-athlete, you are a child of God, designed for something great. Are you ready to discover your greater purpose?

Sounds exciting right?

Well...You might just have to wait a while to find out more.

As a current student-athlete at Hillsdale College, the NCAA has a few rules about what its athletes can and cannot do, and believe it or not, publishing this book is one of those things I can't do. But! Once I run my last race, this book can be yours!


Mark your calendars for summer 2021, and stay tuned for more updates.

In the meantime, you can check out this interview I did with Kim Slowinski on her show, Eye Opener, to learn more about my book!

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