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A lesson from an instant with Jesus

Following Jesus must've been really weird.

I was just reading in Mark 11 when Jesus sent two of his disciples ahead of him to bring back a donkey. 

I mean, how weird would that have been told, "Go into that village over there..."


Did you know...

Between the ages 8 and 14, girls' confidence levels drop by 30%

Between their tween and teen years, their confidence that other people like them drops by 46%?

Three in four girls worry about failing, and more than half feel the need to be perfect? 

Between ages 12 and 14, the percentage of girls who say they're not allowed to fail increases by 150%?**ypulse survey - Confidence Code for Girls

Girls are everywhere are living afraid and ashamed, and that worries me. A lot. Fear and shame are the two biggest strongholds in our lives. They stop us from living into who God created us to be and fulfilling the missions He gave uniquely to each one of us. 

I've worked with so many girls over the years and most of their problemspoor decisions, unhealthy relationships, big regrets, and a feeling of lonelinessall stem from this lack of confidence and purpose. That's why I wrote Semester Together. 

God has done too much for me to not share it with my younger sisters in Christ. He's been my confidence and hope for so long and I want others to know this same peace and purpose. That's what this book is for. In this devotional, I share personal stories and Scriptures that taught me more about myself and the God who made me. 

We'll talk about: 

  • what it means to have a relationship with Christ

  • God's great love for us & knowing His heart

  • handling social media, grades, fears, failures, and relationships 

  • our purpose and how God is calling us to live

Semester Together

Check out the Semester Together page for more info & to join us this fall as we survive this crazy semester together :) 



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